Refresh Halo

Refreshing Air

The next generation of air purification products has arrived, in the guise of the Refresh Reme Halo furnace in-duct air purifier, which is completely effective against all major categories of indoor air pollutants, including gases, microbial pollutants, and particulates. With the kind of comprehensive air cleaning provided by this cutting-edge air purifier, you’ll swear that the fresh air from outside has been brought indoors to your home or office building.

The occupants of your home, or the employees at your place of business, will be thrilled by the noticeably enhanced indoor air quality, and by the reduced frequency of respiratory health issues. As a parent, your children will miss less school time due to illnesses resulting from airborne germs, and as an employer, you can expect fewer sick days to be claimed by your employees, which in turn means more consistent productivity. In truth, the dreaded ‘sick building syndrome’ is virtually eliminated by the purifier, because it is so effective at reducing odors and contaminants in the air.

Operation of the Reme Halo Air Purifier

This in-duct air purifier can be installed directly into your HVAC unit for heating and/or air-conditioning, or into the ductwork which supplies all the rooms with conditioned air. At the heart of its technical efficiency is an ability to produce hydro-peroxide plasma, which gets distributed throughout the ductwork and ultimately into the living spaces of a house or office building.

The feature which sets the Reme Halo apart from other air purifiers using passive air technology, is the fact that its operation is not triggered by the actual presence of contaminants. Instead, the Refresh Reme Halo is always active, constantly scanning living spaces for pollutants or contaminants, and when any are discovered, they are gathered and enlarged by the charged plasma to make filtering easier and more efficient. While the hydro-peroxide plasma may sound like a scary space-age invention, hydro-peroxides are really an essential element of nature’s own cleaning strategy, and are simply used to advantage in Refresh Reme Halo technology.

Benefits and features of the Refresh Reme Halo air purifier

This air purifier is so effective that it kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses, to maintain optimum indoor air quality, and the health of occupants inside. It’s dual ionizers reduce the incidence of such airborne particulates as pollen, dust, dander, and mold spores, and it kills 99% of all viruses which come to rest on interior surfaces.

Even sneezes are rendered basically harmless, by the hydro-peroxides which eradicate sneeze germs by 99% before they have a chance to project even three feet away from their source. The Refresh Reme Halo also has a big advantage over portable units, which can only purify air in a localized area where they’ve been placed, because the Refresh Reme Halo can literally reach every living space in the home or building, due to its in-duct installation.

This air cleaner is intentionally designed to be highly compatible with existing HVAC units, so that it takes a no additional living space, and is not an obstacle or nuisance for occupants. People who are bothered by noise pollution will appreciate its silent operation, and people who dislike maintenance work will love the fact that almost no maintenance is required, other than a bi-annual cell replacement. When it’s necessary to change the cell, a quick-release feature makes cell replacement a breeze, and in just a few minutes, the air purifier can be back in place, improving indoor air quality.

Install cost including the Halo can be up to $1,499. Installation of onsite Halo systems must be certified and licensed, find a certified contractor here.