Ductless Refresh

Made for Ductless Mini-Splits HVAC Systems

The Refresh Air Purification Mini-Split PHI-cell Air Purification system is a ductless heating and cooling air cleaner which can improve your indoor air quality tremendously, because of the highly effective way it eliminates germs and contaminants that would otherwise float around freely, to be breathed in by building occupants. While it is recommended that installation be performed by a competent HVAC professional or a licensed electrician, the Mini-Split Air Purifier can easily be mounted onto a mini-split air conditioner with no modifications whatsoever.

Since it is equipped with its own hook-and-loop adhesive strips, this UV light cleaner easily attaches to your mini-split air conditioner, and once it’s in place, you can just leave it in place and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your breathing air is being continuously cleaned and protected. Offered to residential and commercial clients by the best wholesale distributors in the American Northwest, this is a best-in-class air purification system.

Advantages of the Refresh Mini-Split PHI-cell Air Purification system

The first remarkable thing about this air cleaner using UV light is the PHI cell itself, which does not require contaminants to actually come in contact with it for eradication. Instead, its special UV light source seeks out pollutants and contaminants and completely neutralizes them. It’s so effective that it kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air, leaving it much more breathable and healthy for occupants of the home or building. People with respiratory problems will especially benefit from the effectiveness of this air purifier, since they would be breathing in much cleaner air, virtually free of all the nasty things which might exacerbate existing health problems.

In addition to killing off pollutants, the Mini-Split PHI-cell Air Purification system reduces the occurrence of undesirable odors in the air, and neutralizes volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), so that not only is the air healthier, it also smells much fresher. For people who dislike performing maintenance tasks, this is a very low maintenance unit, which incorporates a reusable pullout filter with copper/silver ionic germicidal that only needs occasional cleaning. It’s also a very lightweight unit, weighing only 3-lbs. in total, so it is very easy to work with.

For added versatility, there are two models to choose from, the Mini-Split HVAC PHI-110 and the Mini-Split HVAC PHI-230, which is the more heavy-duty version of the unit. The former model uses a common 110 v A/C power supply and the latter can be hooked into a 220 v A/C power supply, so whichever kind of air-conditioning unit you have, can be accommodated by one of these two hard-working air purifiers. Supplied with a two-year warranty, this outstanding air purifier is simply the best ductless heating and cooling air cleaner on the market.