Refresh Guardian Air QR Plus

Refresh Air Purification QR+

QRP-9 | 1,000 – 6,500 CFM | 0.6 Amps, 14 Watts | 9” Probe / 5.5” Dia. Plate | 3 lbs.

The Refresh Air Purification Guardian Air QR+ is an air purifier that’s all about improving indoor air quality, and it has the capability of enhancing that indoor air quality in every square inch of each room touched by your central heating and air-conditioning system. It’s so effective that it kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses, as well as handling volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and unwanted debris brought in from external sources.

However, the Guardian Air unit has an even greater reach, which extends to reduce such undesirable odors as musty air, smoke and cooking odors, cleaning chemical odors, and even the kind of strong pet odors like you’d normally find around a litter box. If indoor air quality is what you’re aiming for, you really need the Guardian Air QR+ air cleaner to help you get there.

Features and benefits of the Refresh Guardian Air QR+

In addition to its functional efficiency, there are some other considerable benefits associated with this unit which will have strong appeal to users. First of all, it is available in three different sizes, so that it can accommodate variously sized blower units between 300 and 18,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute), so either the 5″, 9″, or 14″ sized unit will be compatible with your blower unit. Because the Guardian integrates so well with your HVAC system, it takes up no additional living space in your residence or office building, and its silent operation makes you forget that it’s even there.

As a measure of its efficiency, the Guardian QR+ is capable of reaching every room serviced by your HVAC system, which is in stark contrast to many of the portable units in use that only service the room which they are directly placed in. Another measure of the unit’s effectiveness is that whenever someone sneezes in a room protected by the Guardian, by the time those these germs have extended three feet beyond the source, 99% of them have been eradicated. In effect, not only does the Guardian UV light cleaner eliminate nasty germs brought into the household or building, but it also kills airborne germs which are spontaneously produced.

People who don’t like doing maintenance on household or office appliances will love the Guardian, because it has a very low maintenance profile. It does not require filter changes or any other kind of periodic cleaning – all that’s really necessary is that its PHI cell is replaced every two years, and this is a five minute procedure at most. The Guardian has a quick-release feature which promotes fast cell replacement without the use of any tools, so that maintaining the unit literally couldn’t be any easier.

Applications for the Refresh Guardian Air QR+

Its reputation for efficiency in maintaining indoor air quality has gained favor for the Guardian by many governmental agencies. For instance, the U.S. Military has approved it for use in its field hospitals, and the U.S. and International Hospitals have endorsed it as an effective deterrent to infectious disease. It has also been approved by the USDA, FSIS, and the FDA for use in food-processing plants, to reduce and eliminate microbial contamination as foodstuffs are being processed.

Its domestic uses make it completely suitable for either residential or commercial applications, including applications as a furnace in-duct air cleaner or as a furnace cleaner attached to the HVAC unit itself. It is simply the most versatile and effective unit on the market for killing germs and improving the quality of indoor air for occupants, and this is a huge boost to the respiratory health of anyone protected by the Guardian.